2016 BC Winter Games

Club skiers win 21 Medals!

Congratulations to all the skiers who competed at the BC Winter Games in Penticton. With Opening and Closing Ceremonies, dorm style accommodation at local schools and plenty of activities it was an exciting, but tiring experience for our skiers! Athletes had to compete in all 3 disciplines of Slopestyle, Moguls and a single Big Air Jump on the final day. Big Thanks to Danika Mazur and Mike Richards for coaching and supervising the team!

Top scorers:

Kai Smart and Skye Clarke won 4 medals on all days in the Youth U14 categories. Kai won Gold in Slopestyle, Big Air and Combined and Silver in Moguls while Skye took Gold in Big Air and Combined and Silver in Slopestyle and Moguls.

Other multiple medalists included:

Maya Mikkelsen – Gold in Youth Moguls, Silver in Big Air, 4th in Slopestyle and Silver Combined.

Josephine Howell – Gold in Youth Slopestyle and Bronze in Combined, 6th in Big Air and 4th in Moguls.

Jessica Linton – Silver in Juvenile Slopestyle, Bronze in Moguls, Silver in Big Air and Gold Combined

Michelle Macpherson: Gold in Juvenile Big Air, Silver in Moguls, 6th Slopestyle, 4th Combined

Youth Boys:

Ben Lynch won Silver in Youth Big Air, 6th in Youth Slopestyle, 15th in Moguls and 6th Combined.

Adrian Conn was 9th in Youth Slopestyle, 8th in Big Air, 14th Moguls and 10th Combined

Special mention also to Oscar van Dongen who was one of the youngest competitors, competing against kids who are usually in an age category above him. He finished 5th in Youth Moguls, 7th in Slopestyle, 9th in Big Air and 5th Combined.

Juvenile Boys:

Sam Cordell won Silver in Moguls and placed 10th in Slopestyle, 11th in Big Air and 5th Combined.

Jackson Parsons placed 7th in Moguls, 11th in Slopestyle, 6th in Big Air and 6th Combined.

Kevin Leslie was 4th in Moguls, 18th in Slopestyle, 15th in Big Air and 16th Combined