2016 Canadian Freestyle Junior National Championships

Challenging Weather causes cancelation of Big Air Event.

Beaver Valley, Ontario, March 17 – 20

High winds, torrential rain and lightning caused the first day of Slopestyle competition to be postponed and resulted in the cancelation of Big Air.

Despite challenging conditions on the course WBFSC skiers showed their strength in the Slopestyle events, winning 6 medals for BC – no other BC Clubs won medals in this event, showing how training on WB’s world class park has clearly prepared them well.

Skye Clarke continued her strong season winning Gold in U14 Girls with Cassidy Butterworth in Bronze and Michelle Macpherson taking Bronze in U16 Girls.

Smart brothers Luke and Kai both won Silvers in U16 and U14 Boys, with Anders Ujejski taking Bronze in U16 Boys.
Weather improved significantly for Moguls and Dual Moguls but snow conditions were still challenging on the steep course, with icey landings on the top air and sugary, soft snow after the bottom jump.

Maya Mikkelsen captured Bronze and Silver in U14 Girls and Sam Cordell narrowly missed the podium finishing 4th on both days in U16 Boys with some very strong skiing on the challenging course.


Day 1: Slopestyle – Girls 1 Gold, and 2 Bronze, Boys 2 Silver and 1 Bronze

U14 Girls

1 – Skye Clarke

3 – Cassidy Butterworth

U16 Grls

3 – Michelle Macpherson

5 – Jessica Linton

U14 – Boys

2 – Kai Smart

5 – Stephen Lindsay Ross

U16 Boys

2 – Luke Smart

3 – Anders Ujejski

4 – Chase Ujejski

7 – Oscar Blyth

23 Julian Chartrand

24 – Lucas Pelletier

U18 Boys

8 – Alex Crickmore-Thompson

20 – Alex Zastre

Day 2: Moguls – 1 Bronze

U14 Girls

7 – Ali Rainnie

8 – Cassidy Butterworth

U16 Girls

6 – Maia Schwinghammer

7 – Jessica Linton

13 – Raine Haziza

U14 Boys

16 – Kai Smart

U16 Boys

4 – Sam Cordell

U18 Boys

12 – Jackson Parsons

Day 3: Dual Moguls – 1 Silver

U14 Girls

2 – Maya Mikkelsen – Silver

U16 Boys

4 – Sam Cordell