Canadian Series Moguls, Apex 2017.

On January 12th through 15th, members of WBFSC were invited to participate in the Canadian Series Mogul event with coach Jeff Fairbairn. The athletes showed up to cold temperatures and a steep, hard course. Two days of hard training in advance, left the athletes ready to tackle a very large field of mogul specialists from across Canada, with 32 female and 45 male competitors.

For many of the WBFSC skiers, this was one of their first experiences at a Canadian Series, with a goal of qualifying for the singles moguls finals and making the round of 16 in the dual moguls. All of the athletes performed above coach Jeff’s expectations, with many athletes earning enough points to qualify them for Canadian Selections and other key events next season.

The girls were led by WBFSC veteran, and now Alberta Team member, Maia Schwinghammer, who finished just off the podium with a strong 4th in both single and dual moguls. Young Maya Mikkelsen had a great weekend and qualified for the U14 girls final in single moguls, finishing 12th overall and also making the round of 16 in dual moguls, with a 10th place overall. In singles, Ava Dunham was right in the mix, finishing 13th overall and Australian import to the club, Emma Bosco rounded out the top 15. Club skiers Cassidy Butterworth, Jessica Linton, and Raine Haziza all had excellent runs in the single moguls, at 18th, 20th, and 21st respectively. Raine Haziza blasted out of the gates, and turned her 21st in singles into 9th in duals, making the round of 16. Jessica Linton and Emma Bosco also made the round of 16 and tied in points for 11th. Ava Dunham and Cassidy Butterworth had tough battles and bowed out in the round of 32.

The WBFSC boys were represented by our Korean powerhouse of – Heejun (Jun) Kim and Phillip Kang. In an incredibly talented field of 45 skiers, Jun Kim made the singles finals and finished in a respectable 13th position. He bettered this in the duals, making the round of 8 and finishing in 11th overall. At only 12 years old, Phillip Kang was the youngest competitor in the field, and performed well above his age, finishing 30th in the singles and making the round of 32 in the duals.



Maia Schwinghammer (AB) – 4

Maya Mikkelsen – 12

Ava Dunham – 13

Emma Bosco – 15

Cassidy Butterworth – 18

Jessica Linton – 20

Raine Haziza – 21

32 competitors


Heejun Kim – 13

Phillip Kang – 30

45 competitors




Maia Schwinghammer (AB) small final – 4th

Raine Haziza – round of 16 – 9th

Maya Mikkelsen – round of 16 – 10th

Jessica Linton – round of 16 -11th

Emma Bosco – round of 16 – 11th

Ava Dunham – round of 32

Cassidy Butterworth – round of 32

32 competitors


Heejun Kim – round of 8 – 11th

Phillip Kang – round of 32