Why Join Freestyle Whistler?

We offer a safe and fun environment to progress your skills in the park, pipe, big mountain or moguls. Whether you’re in it for fun and to hang with your buds OR  you want to take it to the next level and train to compete – we offer a pathway for you!

Answers to Your Questions:

  • Who are We? Freestyle Whistler is a non-profit club that has been coaching both competitive and recreational freestyle skiers, using Freestyle Canada qualified coaches, since 1988.
  • What makes you different than other programs? We are the only program that has coaches that are qualified and certified to teach kids to flip – aka: inverts. We are the only program that has full access to our Gemini Freestyle Centre to train in – including our airbag and moguls as well as our newly purchased rail and box! 

  • My child doesn’t want to ride park every day but wants to learn tricks while continuing to ski big mountain and powder. Is this the right program? Absolutely! That’s the reason we created our Big Mountain Freestyle Program. If your favourite lifts on the mountain are Glacier, Crystal and Peak, this is the program for you! We’ve enlisted some of the best coaches (and over 35 years of combined Whistler living) to show you the goods every single weekend. If the snow isn’t flying, then athletes will hone their skills in the park or our Airbag so you can send new tricks off cliffs after the next big dump!

  • I’m not sure which program to register for – All Mountain or Big Mountain – What’s the difference? 
    Our All Mountain Program is the most well-rounded freestyle program that encompasses all aspects of freestyle skiing. Disciplines include moguls, big air, slopestyle and halfpipe as well as powder and free-skiing. Groups will be formed based on age and ability so all skiers can progress at their own pace. Coaches training plans each weekend encompass about 30% park/slopestyle/halfpipe training, 30% mogul and bump training and 40% free-skiing… unless it’s dumping then we shred POW!
    Our Big Mountain Program is all about shredding powder and exploring big mountain skiing. Athletes will learn and train their tricks in the park and on our airbag and then take them out on the hill once mastered. Coaches’ training plans revolve around the snow conditions. If the snow is good they ski the best chairlifts on the mountain (Glacier, Peak and Crystal) and if the snow is bad they head to the park or airbag to work on things for when the snow is good!
    We recommend for younger athletes our All Mountain program as they will become better technical skiers and then they can choose their discipline when they are older. For older athletes who just want to shred some pow and slay some awesome tricks off cliffs, we recommend Big Mountain.
  • Is there a girl-specific program? YES! New for this season we are introducing our Girlstylerz  Program! It’s an extension of our All Mountain Freestyle program and caters to young athletes who identify as female. It has been designed to offer young girls who already LOVE to ski the opportunity to participate and progress through the sport of freestyle in a fun, safe and encouraging team environment. This program offers 40% freeskiing, 30% mogul and technical skiing and 30% Park & Pipe. Athletes will work with fantastic female coaches! If your girl prefers to ski with a mix of boys and girls feel free to register them in either the All Mountain or Big Mountain programs.
  • Why can’t I register on the WB website? We are not run by WB though we work with them to ensure the smooth running of our programs, our new Gemini Freestyle Centre and events.
  • What are the Requirements? Athletes must be at least 12 years old by Dec 31st 2021 to be able to participate and must be able to ski Black Diamond runs. If your child is aged 9-11 years old and just starting out in Freestyle please join the Whistler Blackcomb Freestyle Development Program.
  • Is this a Competitive Program? Club skiers have the opportunity to compete at regional and provincial level events if they choose. It’s up to you!
  • Do you offer high-level training? Aspiring to compete in the Olympics, World Championships or X-Games? Freestyle Whistler members consistently move on to the provincial and national freestyle ski teams and compete at all levels of events.
  • More Questions? Just reply to this e-mail and we will answer them all!

We are so excited to have your child join our Club and help them achieve their goals in 2021/2022!