Friends & Family Airbag Fundraising Campaign

Get your Family name on our new LANDING BAG!!

We are excited to announce that we are beginning a Friends & Family Fundraising Campaign to purchase a new, state-of-the-art, sloped landing bag for our club at the Gemini Freestyle Center. The goal is to have this bag on the hill for Spring training.

With the help of Freestyle BC, we have partnered with the BC Amateur Sport Fund to help raise money to support our programs and facilities costs, including purchasing this new bag! The BC Amateur Sport Fund can issue an official tax receipt for all qualifying donations from individuals of $20 or greater. Your donation will help cover the upgrade cost to our airbag training facility. For corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Treasurer, Matt Lawrie, at [email protected].

The flat airbag at the Gemini Freestyle Centre has been an essential training tool for our club and has allowed our athletes to learn hundreds, if not thousands, of new skills over the years. Unfortunately, the airbag is currently nearing its end of life.  Additionally, the technology available for freestyle athletes to safely learn their flips and spins has significantly evolved in the last decade. Landing airbags reduce the landing impact more gradually than flat airbags, offering greater safety and confidence building. 

The purchase of this landing bag will significantly improve the training facilities and provide a platform for all age groups and abilities in the club to train progressively from beginner to high performance. The landing bag, unlike the flat bag, which requires a single large jump, can support 2 or 3 takeoffs, allowing any skill-level athlete to use the bag, increasing overall athlete safety and lowering the mental barrier entry.

See the bag in action here!

YOU CAN HELP! By donating to the Freestyle Whistler Fund, you will make a real difference in the lives of athletes. Every donation counts and will go directly toward programming and facility costs, including this landing bag.

In acknowledgment of your donation, your family’s name will be on the side of the airbag under the following categories:

DONATE NOW and get your end-of-year tax receipt. All donations over $20 are tax-deductible; any amount helps get us to our $60,000 goal!

Thank you for your support and for helping us make a positive impact on our club!

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