Week 1 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

We are fired up and super excited to get things kicked off this weekend!

Please remember to:

  • check that lift passes work on Friday if you haven’t gone skiing yet. Guest Services does not open until 8 am – after our upload 
  • ensure that all gear is in working order – especially those new boots in bindings!

Things are still fairly low tide out on the slopes. Our coaches will focus on getting our ski legs back and building good foundations for the winter ahead. This is an excellent weekend to fine-tune some fundamentals to start the year.

Please don’t forget about our Season Kick-Off and 35th Anniversary Party on December 16th! This will be a great chance to all get-together and celebrate a new year and a big year for our club! Tickets can be found at the link below.

All groups will be sent out by our Head Coaches either today or tomorrow. Please review the map below as a reminder:

Red – Development Team
Blue – Big Mountain Freestyle
Purple – Girlstylerz
Orange – All Mountain Freestyle
Green – Freestylerz

If you are unsure where to go or want to say “Hi,” I will be before the Red X to greet and ensure all athletes and parents know where they are going!

We have a fair few activities happening in December and early January. Below are the key dates. Please note we have added a Nutritional Session available to all athletes on December 23 immediately after training. More information will follow next week!

Buy Tickets Here!