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Emma Blanchet

Position: All Mountain Freestyle Program


Discipline: Slopestyle

Age: 32

Hometown: Val-Morin, Qc

Favourite Skier Growing up: Kristi Leskinen and Kaya Turski

I am most inspired by: Watching others pushing their limits.

Why do you love Whistler or Sea 2 Sky: Everything is giant here, lakes, mountains, trees. Even the highway!

Favourite Zone/Run?: The bowl you access from Spanky’s zone.

Favourite Whistler Hang Out Spot off the mountain: Meadow sports center during winter and for summertime, any lake around Whistler is nice.

Other passions or interests: Writing, surfing, trekking, and growing my own food!



I’ve quit teaching ski to follow what was at that point my passion; sliding some boxes and metal rails and getting some air on jumps. I spent many years building up my skills on the icy slopes in Quebec and then move down to BC to reach bigger jumps and a longer season. I’ve been competing around Canada in slopestyle, building up some knowledge of self-discipline, workout, and sports psychology.

I’ve coached for Apex équipe sportive back in Quebec and I look forward to transmitting my passion and knowledge here in Whistler.


NCCP: Club coach