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Whistler Performance Park & Pipe Team

The purpose of the Whistler Park & Pipe Team is to develop athletes who have made a strong commitment to performance and competition in freestyle skiing. This will include but be limited to: a periodized training environment with increasing levels of meaningful competition from local to national. All athletes must be 15 years old to be considered for this team.

The Team will consist of 2 groups based on age, athlete development and competition targets.

Our Canada Cup Group consists of athletes in the late Train 2 Train phase of the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development pathway. Athletes must be between 15 to 18 years of age.

The NorAm Group consists of athletes who have earned multiple NorAm Cup starts. These athletes are in the Learn to Compete phase of the LTAD.

Head Coach: Graham Pollock
Assistant Coach: Shondra Charbonneau

If you are interested in this program, please email [email protected]


Canada Cup Group $3250

  • Consists of 58 on-snow coaching days from Dec 5 – April 18
  • Payment plan available. Email [email protected] for information.
  • Fall Fitness Testing TBD

NorAm Group $1350

  • Consists of 26 face to face coaching days from Dec 5 – April 18
  • Fall Fitness Testing TBD

Register HERE

***Prices are subject to change if minimum athlete registration has not been met***

The competition season has yet to be released for the 2020/2021 season. Please stay tuned for details.

2020/2021 Canada Cup & NorAm Schedules

The competition schedule is yet to be released. Our training schedule is subject to change based on any competitions announced by Freestyle Canada. On-snow face to face coach days will stay the same regardless of schedule.